Academics at DIHLIZ

Technological innovations are beyond the human imaginations now. Life becomes easier and flexible in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the height of sophistication AI works as an orchestrator. New age and new worlds are to be explored in all the means. Let the children learn what/why it is and how is it. New methodology and academic strategies are futuristic and productive rather than conventional or only theoretical.
Our curriculum is designed with future/career possibilities. We have High School (CBSE), Higher Secondary Commerce and Higher Secondary Science with Integrated Islamic Studies here.

Programs offered at Dihliz


With Life Skills Training and Competitive Exam Coaching

The integrated Islamic senior secondary level curriculum shapes the students scientifically, academically, socially and religiously well adept and prepares students for future academic endeavours.
CBSE Curriculum
Comprehensively Integrated Islamic Studies
Qur’anic Studio for Qur’an Learning
Language Lab
Coaching for Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics and National Science Olympiad(NSO)
NTSE, Civil Service Orientation Coaching
‘Speed Math’ program
Soft Skill Training
Martial Arts
Intensive training in reading , creative writing and public speaking
24x7 mentoring system
Islamic life style


With Medical, Engineering Coaching

Markaz Garden Global Students’ Village provides different flavours of science stream under the supervision of well qualified faculties in a peaceful and vibrant campus. The ongoing students’ outstanding results in entrance exams like JEE, NEET, etc manifest the quality of teaching and learning in the campus.
Intensive training for medical/engineering exams like KEAM, NEET, JEE-IIT, JIPMER, IIIT
Classes/guidance by IIT, NIT professors, Scientists, and Academicians.
Preparations to the national/international universities & premier institutes.
Special training in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.
NCPL Urdu & Arabic (Central Govt.) Certificate Course
Qur’anic Studio for Qur’an/Tajvid Learning
Language Lab
Training for soft skills, creative writing, public speaking and research.
Arts, Sports, Martial Arts & Visits
24x7 mentoring system.


With CA, CS, CMA Foundation

Markaz Garden Global Students’ Village promises you a high range of managerial leadership acumen and outstanding career advantages
CA/CMA/CS Foundation Coaching
NCPL Urdu & Arabic Certificate (Central Govt.) Course
Qur’anic Studio
Comprehensively Integrated Islamic Studies
Soft skill Training and Coaching for Public Speaking and Creative Writing
Arts, Sports & Martial Arts
Classes/Guidance by Professionals, Business Tycoons and University Professors
Industrial Visit, Corporate Training & Management Summit Programs
Integrated Islamic Management & Leadership Program
24x7 Mentoring System


With Submissive Heart and Soul

Markaz Garden Global Students’ Village promises you a high range of managerial leadership acumen and outstanding career advantages
Allah orders justice, kindness and good conduct. He forbids injustice, immorality and oppression. Life at Dihliz under Markaz Garden Islamic Department moulds your child with the best as Allah almighty has instructed. He learns the textual as well as practical wisdom of Islam directly from the Islamic scholars with a focus in Arabic language. Islamic Science courses are designed to make better humans with authentic knowledge in the religious fields.